Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Final Countdown!

Hi my name is Luke Kikukawa.
Today’s practice was really challenging, but I think that we got a lot accomplished! First of all we had to finish programming our robot. The total inaccuracy of it has been puzzling us for the past three weeks. It just won’t work some of the time! Yesterday we felt like our robot was having crazy “mood swings” and it was changing course on different tries of the exact same program! But today we came up with the simplest program ever. I hope… no I KNOW it will work but I’m still a little worried. The judges will be a little astonished when they see it.
Another thing we finished today was transporting the ENTIRE lunar surface to another location. We did this because we needed an internet connection that will enable us to Skype the judges. The internet at the school does not allow us to access Skype, so we had to move the competition somewhere we could use Skype. To move it we had to divide the entire playing area into sections. Despite this precaution, many of the sections ended up breaking apart, but we made sure none of the 2,000 orange moon rocks spilt on the floor or got lost. After a lot of hard work, we had moved the lunar surface to its new location and half an hour later we had finished “repairing” it and put it back together. Anyway, I think we’re ready for tomorrow morning and that we will be able to impress the judges. We’re all still frightened of the fact we’ll have to wake up at 5 AM or earlier on a school day!
Boy do we love MoonBots,
Luke Kikukawa

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